_MG_5238-(2)jsmOzman Sirgood would like to live in a world where no bad movies are made, casting directors know him by his nickname, and craft services on set are always manned by five-star Italian chefs.

As an actor with 20 years of experience, he's worked in films with directors Terry George, Al Pacino, Terry Zwigoff, Tom Brady, Joseph Merhi (and more), played a recurring role in The Bold And The Beautiful, as well as guest roles in episodes of Alias and Charmed.

A TV Star in his native country of Turkey, Ozman has played many lead roles in popular Turkish Television Series with massive followings making international headlines. Clocking in with a total of over 220 television episodes in that country alone, Ozman is ready to share the same firepower with Film and TV productions in the United States.

When he's not helping industry professionals like you to realize their creative goals, you can find Ozman laboring over screenplays, taking his family to the beach, or out sailing with a pair of his thespian buddies.

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Ozman Sirgood Schoolboy1957: Ozman Sirgood was born as Osman Soykut in Ankara, Turkey.

During the early years, his father, a bank manager, served as a role model for reliability while his mother, the artistic type, would influence Ozman's future creative fire.

1966: Ozman's family moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where he attended Frankfurt International School, largely populated by children from US military families. The next three years formed his core personality: the uprooted, universal outlook of a world citizen, tempered by German social pressures, and comfort in the American way of life.

1970: Ozman attended private school at TED Ankara Koleji High School, modeled after British boarding schools, where he wore a full uniform and looked like a student from Hogwart's.

1973: Ozman gained acceptance to the Department of Architecture at Middle East Technical University, "the" Turkish top college. This was a tough school, and it would take Ozman five years to graduate with a B.A. degree.

1984: Ozman moved to America.

1998: After a lengthy and productive design career, Ozman found himself a little bored in front of the AutoCAD screen where he spent most of his days. A friend invited him to Acting Class, which seemed like a nice "hobby" to pursue. The friend neglected to tell him that for some people, acting is like heroin. Alas, it was too late.

2001: Finally coming to terms with his future as an actor, Ozman joined Bevely Hills Playhouse, where he was welcomed by the great acting teacher Milton Katselas, with whom he formed a personal relationship and who would have a transformational effect on Ozman's life. Ozman continued studying at the BHP until Milton's death in 2008.

2007: After a strong start in Hollywood, with many TV and Film credits on his IMDb, Ozman was called to Istanbul, where his mother had fallen ill. During his three month stay, Ozman met a casting director who said she had been following his career and offered a series regular role in a TV drama. Ozman's Turkish career began.

2015: After many wildly successful roles in Istanbul and more in Los Angeles, Ozman is enjoying the fruits of his second and final career. Let the show go on.
To be a leader and an inspiration in every way, with everyone.

Be a guide for upcoming generations, not simply as a success story, but as an example of a life well lived.

To entertain, encourage, and guide audiences toward better understanding of themselves and their fellow humans.

Through the life I live, repay and honor everyone who believed in me.

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